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Rick Reczek Interview

August 29, 2005

Highwire - Senselessness

Rock ‘N’ Roll Access: How did the members of HIGHWIRE come together to form a band?

Rick Reczek: Actually, by accident, or fate, if you will. We all had played together at some point in other bands, and there came a point where none of us had a gig, and “voila”.

RNRA: HIGHWIRE started as a cover band. Name some of the bands that you covered.

RR: Queensryche, AC/DC, Alice In Chains, Dokken, Sabbath, Ozzy, Malmsteen, Priest, Maiden, Jackyl, WASP, Zep, Ratt, KISS, and a cool Heart tune.

RNRA: Who was your favorite band to cover, and why?

RR: Queensryche… because it was the hardest to pull off.

RNRA: You’ve opened for many talented 80’s metal bands. What have you learned from them, as far as performing, etc.?

RR: Come out of the gates smokin’, keep the peddle to the metal and go balls to the wall, because either you’re there to help fill the club, or you’re lucky and got a break and got on a good show. You have to entertain your people and win over those that are there that probably wish you weren’t. And NEVER drink the headliner’s booze! (Sorry Sebastian)

RNRA: What bands and musicians did you listen to as a kid? How have they influenced your music with HIGHWIRE?

RR: KISS, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio… a little bit of everything helps stir it up good.

RNRA: Who is your greatest vocal influence?

RR: Ray Alder

RNRA: How would you describe HIGHWIRE’s sound?

RR: Crunchy, edgy, rock

RNRA: For you, what would make the “ultimate” gig? Where would it be, and what other bands would HIGHWIRE be playing with?

RR: Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo, during a blizzard so the bands there would have to stay for a few days… and they are QUEENSRYCHE, FATES WARNING, DREAM THEATER and SAVATAGE. Humble as we are, we would open.

RNRA: How will HIGHWIRE’s third album be similar to the first two? How will it be different?

RR: As Breaking Out was a progression and growth from Seeing Is Believing, The Killing Fields (due this winter) will show even more growth, progression and maturation in our performances, writing and focus. We’ve grown stronger, tighter and better as a band, and we have become more comfortable with the technology, which will give us the ability to put out the best album (doesn’t that sound so much better than CD?) possible. WE WON’T DISAPPOINT! Hey, we’re HIGHWIRE… the fastest, the loudest, THE HARDEST. We have a damn good time doing this, and hope that comes across to the people we make our music for.

RNRA: What are HIGHWIRE’s goals as a band?

RR: To continue to be true to ourselves. Our promo says we’re “Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the Right to Party like Rock Stars”, so more perks would be good. Seriously though, we would like to build upon the success we’ve had, expose our music to more people, and be able to take it to
them live.

RNRA: What has been most rewarding about your experiences so far with recording?

RR: Having the visions and things we hear in our heads become a reality… hearing the finished product. Hearing our songs on the radio is great, and finding out that they’re getting played in Germany, Japan and The Netherlands is just incredible. Getting fan mail from people saying how much they dig it, how some songs affect them, how they want to hear more and their support is just so humbling.

RNRA: What has been most rewarding about your experiences so far with touring?

RR: The appreciation from the fans and the bands we play with. When you meet people for the first time, and they “get it”, treat you like they’ve known you forever, and then take their hard-earned money and by our CD’s and merch is just so rewarding, and again, one of the most positive things in a business that is so full of bullshit and reasons to make you say “why do we bother”. We’re so grateful to meet these people face to face and feed off of their excitement. It validates what we do and why we do it.

RNRA: Which do you like better: playing live or recording, and why?

RR: Recording is great, because that’s the creation phase. But hands down, live shows are where we thrive. The energy exchange between the band and the audience is amazing!

RNRA: If you had to live on a desert island for a year with only one album, what album would you choose? (No greatest hits!)

RR: Fates Warning – Parallels

RNRA: What’s in your CD player right now?

RR: Fates Warning – Inside Out

RNRA: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

RR: Thank you Rock ‘N’ Roll Access for this opportunity! Thank you to everybody that has bought our music, and the band and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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